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Reiki is Universal Life Force energy that is in every living thing.  Unconsciously, we use Reiki on ourselves and others everyday.  What is the first thing we do when we have a headache or toothache?We put our hand on our forehead or jaw.  When we hear good news or bad-hand on our heart.  We greet each other with a hug, rub each others back in times of trouble.  Kiss a booboo on a small knee. Those acts of touch brings comfort and love to the receiver and ourselves.  Through an attunement, Reiki energy intensifies our innate power to offer comfort by opening the heart, crown and palm chakras.

Benefits of re-attunement:

Healing is a continual, lifelong process.  Practioners recognize their own areas of needed growth and should always seek ways to increase positive aspects of their mind, body and spirit.

All of us need to maintain a strong connection to Reiki energy.  A re-attunement would be beneficial if you have not practiced Reiki regularly or in a long time.  Negative thoughts and experiences can “clog up” this channel, eventually decreasing the Reiki energies.  A re-attunement becomes a re-commitment to Reiki.  You can refocus and re-prioritize what is important in your life and can remove doubts and encourage you to remain on your path. It is always a positive experience to re-energize your Reiki connection.

Kim Shipman

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